We are all aware of the pandemic currently we are leaving in. It’s been half a year since the outbreak of COVID19. However, it’s been difficult to bring the situation under control and stop the further spread of widely known Novel Coronavirus. The numbers are doubling faster; especially in the country like India, we have already crossed 1.3 Million COVID19 positive patients in India and more than 18 Million in the world.

World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued guidelines on precautions to be taken in order to fight coronavirus. Among them, the important one is using the mask and social distancing norms. To understand why masks are so important in preventing the coronavirus, we need to go through what exactly  coronavirus is and how we can protect ourselves.

COVID19 is basically a virus if entered human body causes respiratory tract infections. It affects different people in different ways. We have to use Best Mask For Cornavirus Prevention in India. We have to fight together to break cornavirus for that we have to use best mask for cornavirus and social distancing

For example- if it is a man, 25 years old, it won’t cause him major casualties but a man in his 50’s with a different illness such as cancer or diabetes may lead to serious consequences.

The problem with coronavirus is it has the power to kill immunity cells and further gives authority to immune cells to kill other healthy cells which creates immunity in the body. It spreads through person to person contact and takes just a minute to acquire a virus from the other. Recent studies have also labeled coronavirus as an airborne disease which means it can spread through the air. Moreover, scientific research explains up to 80% of transmission occurs from asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

To break this chain, it is important to follow guidelines- One among it is wearing the use Best Mask For Cornavirus Prevention in public places or on meeting people it is compulsory. The studies also suggest the maximum use of masks may impede the transmission of the virus. The question arises about which type of mask is suitable. Don’t worry about it, I will tell you everything you need to know about the mask and types of masks in detail.

How to Use The Mask ? Protective From Coronavirus

Face masks are one instrument for preventing the spread of disease. Face masks are loose-fitting masks that cover the nose and mouth, and have ear loops or ties at the back of the head. Before using mask clean your hands with soap and water or sanitizer, and then take the mask. Check which side of the mask is front, the side of the mask that has a stiff bendable edge is the top and is meant to mold to the shape of your nose. Sometimes it maybe not be stiff, based on the design you have to decide.Later, adjust the mask as per the face cut and tie it backside or hang it if it is an ear loop. Finally, readjust the mask by pulling the mask over your nose, mouth, and chin.Few types of mask can be reused by washing them again and again. 

How to Choose the Best Mask? Cornavirus Prevention

First, decide the purpose of buying a mask, whether it is just for covering the face or using it in a place where the chances of getting the illness are higher. Check the details of the mask correctly. Before selecting a mask, to go through mask specifications. In case the exposure to the virus is higher, then N-95 and N-99 masks are the best options. However, to avoid human contact or pollution the barrier masks are just fine. Buying a mask is just like buying clothes. Check the size and quality of the product, right mask type, selecting the right size is crucial. Go through the fabric of it. The mask should fit tightly on your face, leaving no gaps at the sides from where pollutants can enter. It is important to also verify other characteristics of the mask in both disposable and reusable terms.In this way, the mask is to be selected keeping in mind purpose, Mask Specifications, quality, size, and other characteristics of it.

How the Mask Benefits us? in Cornavirus Pandemic

It is not that wearing the mask can cure the diseases itself but it has the power to break the chain and avoid more number of becoming coronavirus positive. We all know that asymptomatic coronavirus is an existing phenomenon among the people, so it is a higher chance that the virus can transmit to others before showing symptoms. According to the CDC- “This means that the virus can spread between people interacting in close proximity — for example, speaking, coughing, or sneezing — even if those people are not exhibiting symptoms.” The mask can protect from getting the virus in such proximity. In addition to it one can breathe purer air due to filters in the mask. It can get rid of pollution as well as bacteria entering through the mask.

Select the mask wisely, it is a question of your health don’t just neglect it. However stay home, stay safe.

List of Best Mask for Cornavirus Prevention

N95 Mask Best Protective Mask for Coronavirus

The mask which works effectively is N95. These are also known as respirators. Respirators are basically high-end masks, highly effective at filtering pathogens. The N95 is widely used and known but there are more mask which adds to this list such as N99 and N100. These masks are named after the work they do, for example-N95 respirators can filter 95% of particles that are harmful. Similarly, N99 can filter 99% of the dust or harmful gases.

Frontline workers are advised to use the N95 mask. However common people being more panicked have started using the N95. The top brands of respiratory masks are Honeywell, Kimberly Clark Corporation, 3M, and Teleflex. You might have seen the logo of 3M or Honeywell on mask as they are widely used in India. But not use to corona patients it not good for them

A 3M brand Mask

A 3M brand is one of the major projects of American multinational conglomerate undertaking operations in the healthcare, worker safety sector. It is the largest producers of N95 respirators and surgical masks. The company has manufactured 50 million masks approximately in June 2020. The brand guarantees quality and comfort. 

Honeywell N95 Mask Protective From virus Anti Pollution

Honeywell is a world-leading brand in the production of Personal Protection Equipment for different purposes such as chemicals, healthcare, welders, and many more. They have been one of the major exporters of N95 masks. This brand is well received all over the world.

Unlike other to companies- Kimberly and Clark corporation has been working in the health and hygiene sector- N95 masks been their number 1 product in the period of coronavirus. They are customized as per the children and adults. The Indian brands which you can use are Swadesi Stuff. They are available in different colours. The mask is made out of 5 layers of filtration to isolate pollution. Another Indian brand is Venus.

Surgical Face Masks 

You might have witnessed these types of masks, especially on visiting clinics or hospitals. They are blue or sea-green colour. The characteristic of such masks allows you to use it only ones. They are rectangle shape with pleats which can be adjusted as per the face cutting. These are mostly made of synthetic fabric. 

Hoteon Surgical Masks

Hoteon is one of the brands that produce the surgical mask under the name Urevo. The mask has inbuilt nose-pin. The product is ISO and SITRA certified. It is made of polypropylene spun bound fabric having a high elastic ear hook. It will improve the overall comfort of the user

Solimo Surgical Masks

Solimo is the 3 ply disposable surgical mask that protects against dust, saliva, and other airborne particles. It has a melt-blown filter, filtering 95% bacteria through air. Soft and lightweight of the mask is the icing on the cake

Robotouch Surgical Mask

Robotouch healthcare product kronil mask is well known in the Indian market. Any mask after a time makes you feel hot and sweaty in the covered. The kronil is made of soft fabric with the metal bar facing up which makes it is lighter and less sweaty.

Women and Children Mask

When it comes to women all the masks are unisex but women always want something more, that something more is the design and matching of it with a dress they have. There is a wide range of designers who adapted to the new normal and are creating the matching mask as per the dresses. The brands like Vastramay, Allen Solly instead of being unisex have a range of mask which is for women with the same mask specifications but in different colors and designs.There are brands like RainbowKiddo, FunkandChill which are remotely working and selling women masks.

Now as the demand is increasing for a mask, people are asking for a mask that is fancier and with more colours. Different brands are launching new product lines. One such brand is Crayola; the top arts and crafts brand is now offering cloth face masks for children and adults. They have collaborated with school, making mask wearing fun for children. They feature name tags, adjustable ear straps, and a nose wire and come with a mesh laundry bag.

Another brand is Disney face mask; they have come up with a cartoon mask. It is hard for parents to keep convincing them to wear a mask all time. Disney has took the chance and made this convincing easier for parents designing masks after the favorite cartoon characters so children can be motivated to wear the same.